Library Card



Borrowing Privileges


1.   Any person living in the Gilmore City Community is eligible, free of charge, to be a borrower of the Library.  The Gilmore Community is defined as Gilmore City, the Gilmore City Community School District, and the cities of Bradgate and Pioneer.  In addition, because of county funding from Pocahontas and Humboldt Counties, citizens of these counties not specifically designated above may also borrow free of charge. Open Access allows people living outside the described area above shall be eligible provided they are card holders from a library participating in Open Access.


2.   Registration shall be made when the borrower completes the application form.  A parent or guardian must sign the card of any person under the age of 18.


3.   It shall be the responsibility of the borrower to take reasonable and proper care of items borrowed; to return items on time, to pay fines incurred, and to pay replacement costs of lost or damaged materials.  In the case of a lost or overdue item, the borrower is responsible, regardless of who may have lost or damaged the item.


4.   The records of use of our library by any individual shall be confidential and shall be turned over to authorities only under due process of law.