For Parents

For the parents,  wow, that is a loaded question.  Alot of this, I just covered under what we have for the children.  We do know you like to keep your child busy and we have listed alot of things on their page to do just that.

For the parents, we do have informational material on parenting, and yes we do know that is not an easy thing to do.

Come in and have a cup of coffee with us! Adult's Only.

Please Remember, We are NOT Babysitter's!


What Authors would you like to have come to the llibrary?

What books would you like to see at the library?

What classes would you like to see at the library?

What can we do different at the library for you?

What would you like to different at the library for the children?

Right now we offer computer's, chromebook's  and tablets for you to use.  

2 Different Story Hour in Library

2 Different Story Hour at School

One on one Reading with Children


Free faster wifi, 

Movie afternoon,

Bingo afternoon,

Access to over 10,000 books,

Dvd rental, over 1100 dvd's,

Plus other season activitivies, such as Summer Reading Program, Easter Egg Hunt, Santa coming to town, Fun days, Dr. Seuss Birthday and  much more. 

We are a safe zone for all 

All that we ask is that everyone use it and treat the library with care and do NOT abuse it, otherwise you will be asked to leave.